leona turford

Specialist in creative marketing, copywriting and design, with over a decade's worth of experience working in the industry.

Vintage woman at typewriter

Ever since launching her self-published site, Alt Fashion at university, her work has come on leaps and bounds, taking on the world of digital marketing, developing a niche publication that's now listed in the British Library, with a global following.

Initially starting out in the world of alternative fashion, creating content for indie zines, whilst armed with her trusty slr camera in the pit photographing bands during her spare time at university. More than a decade later, she's now taken on the world of digital marketing and SEO.

As someone who's always been drawn towards the creative within her work, this naturally drew her towards working within marketing and copywriting. Taking an open minded, analytical, and creative approach within her work, which has led to some great successes for both her own business and clients.

Creating engaging content for clients that's helped to secure consistent page 1 placements on Google, increasing traffic through extensive SEO work, alongside reaching out to prospects for clients through social media, expanding reach for her own business, and still finding the time to organize the occasional photo shoot.

Whilst the current climate has shaken things up across the industry, she's taken it as the perfect opportunity to fine-tune her skills. Going on to branch out into technical SEO and Inbound Marketing during lockdown.

With over a decade of experience under her belt, managing her own self employed business, taking on projects for clients, amongst managing her own websites, she's now looking to branch out and take her career onto the next step, with a new role in the workplace.

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